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Cleaning iMac w/Rubbing Alcohol - Damage? - Apple Community

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. So I cleaned the outside of my Late The paper towel wasn't wet enough to drip, alcohol 120 ipad, alcohol 120 ipad very close to it. My alcohol 120 ipad had a very visible film of rubbing alcohol residue all over it after I finished wiping it down with the rubbing alcohol, which I cleaned up with a dry cloth. I used the rubbing alcohol straight out of the bottle onto the paper towel - did not dilute it.

Prior to doing any of this I had called Apple to see what kinds of cleaners I could use on my iMac. The woman on the customer support line said I could use rubbing alcohol to clean off the screen, which didn't seem to be that unusual to me since I've heard of people cleaning electronics with it before, alcohol 120 ipad. So, after I cleaned my iMac it seemed like the screen was more difficult to read and see details, and for the first time I actually noticed individual pixels without looking for them.

I was alcohol 120 ipad that I might have done damage to it, alcohol 120 ipad, so I called Apple again and spoke with a different customer service rep. He was shocked that I had been told by another Apple customer service rep to use rubbing alcohol to clean my iMac, alcohol 120 ipad.

He told me that rubbing alcohol can "soak through" the glass on the screen, and damage the LCD behind it - but I'm skeptical of this because it doesn't make sense to me that glass could be porous. He told me that rubbing alcohol can even damage internal components, and that in his many years of computer repair experience he would NEVER recommend using rubbing alcohol on any electronics or computers, period.

After doing some research on my own I found out that Apple alcohol 120 ipad putting a special coating on the screens of these current iMacs, which is supposed to reduce glare. I never really paid much attention to the glare on my screen prior to cleaning it, but I wonder now if the rubbing alcohol removed this anti-glare coating since I had to wipe it down times to get all the lotion residue offthe lack of which may be causing my eyes to have more alcohol 120 ipad reading and seeing details on the screen, in addition to making the pixels easier to see?

I'm concerned that excess rubbing alcohol which there was may have gotten into the gap and damaged the adhesive holding the screen on and even possibly the internal components?

If this is the case, how would I know if any of the components have been damaged? Posted on Mar 10, PM. Page content loaded. Mar 10, PM in response to crssbns In response to crssbns. If this your first and very expensive Mac, you should have done a little research before just assuming and using rubbing alcohol on a piece of expensive computing equipment.

The alcohol, probably, damaged the coating on the glass, trapped some residue behind the coating onto the glass potential damaging the glass, itself and could, potentially over time, make it to the LCD screen.

I only use a microfiber cloth dampened with warm water and really wrung out to clean the screen first, then the aluminum body. AppleCare will NOT cover this kind of damage, so if this has happened, you will have to get this repaired at your own expense. This could be very expense to correct. You will have to make an appointment with an Apple Store for diagnosis and to tell them what happened. As this was an accident!

Not ot sure about the alcohol 120 ipad electronic components. All you can do is make an appointment with an Apple Store and have an Apple store tech look over everything to see if there is no liquid or etching marks formed from the combination of heat and the presence of the rubbing alcohol.

Mar 10, PM. If your screen doesn't look etched, streaky or cloudy when dry, you probably lucked out and not damaged the matte coating, glass or LCD. I do not know if isopropyl alcohol is strong enough to completely wipe away the matte coating on the screen. If you still do not notice any real, strong glare from the iMac's screen, then the coating is still intact and, again, you have lucked out.

I use rubbing alcohol 120 ipad isopropyl everyday all the time on things. I run thru 2 bottles a week. Avoid getting moisture in any openings and be very careful not to get the damp cloth around the trackpad edges or around the inside edge between the monitor and its bezel. Do not spray any type of liquid directly on the computer. Do not use sprays, solventsor abrasives; do not attempt to use any solvents on the LCD display either directly especially!

There is never any call to use any type of lens cleaning solvents on the screen of your LCD display. Again, do not spray any liquid directly on the screen. Never use Kleenex, or paper towels, these are abrasive, alcohol 120 ipad. Soft cotton cloth only or a microfiber lens cleaning cloth, alcohol 120 ipad.

Water only, and never sprayed on, and never dripping wet even slightly on the cloth. Agree alcohol 120 ipad your post entirely but I have to report, my local Apple store sells a spray 'for cleaning screens'.

Which rather contradicts Apples formal document, wouldn't you say? Mar 10, alcohol 120 ipad, PM in response to seventy one In response to seventy one. This includes palm rest or keyboard covers, as well as any adhesive-backed keycap additions. Jan 5, AM in response to crssbns In response to crssbns. Just an FYI and reminder to all those who may not know or have forgotten.

At least not the type of glass you generally have on your house windows. Screens are porous, not solid glass, so any liquid can seep through or scratch, alcohol 120 ipad, as can certain types of cloth.

I am shocked that any Apple employee would not explain this to you or not know this information. Jan 5, AM. I am a chemist alcohol 120 ipad in the plastics industry. Rubbing alcohol is one of the most gentle, mild solvents available besides water. Still, having said that it was probably not a good idea to clean your screen with that much enthusiasm.

To begin with paper towels can, alcohol 120 ipad, and typically do, contain a fair amount of abrasive fibers. They could easily damage your screen. Just ask an eye glasses specialist. If the glass does have an antiglare coating on it, they are typically quite thin only a few microns thick, alcohol 120 ipad. That coating alcohol 120 ipad easily have been damaged by both the fibers and the alcohol, depending on the type of coating it is.

The chances that you have damaged anything else are quite slim. As far as the glass being porous Before the age of plastic packaging, alcohol used to be bottled in glass bottles. I've never heard of one leaking or of all the alcohol evaporating through one. Glass is certainly more impervious to the action of isopropyl alcohol than is virtually any typical plastic.

Jan 5, PM in response to pokey b In response to pokey b. I am not sure that the "glass surface on MacBooks or iMacs is actually glass but a very tough, optically clear, specially coated polycarbonate material. When I purchased my iMac, I couldn't stand the additional glare from both the glass panel and the screen behind it at that time, Apple never glued the clear panel to the LCD screen, but left a small gap between the two creating almost a double, offset kind of light glare, and the clear panel could be removed as it is only attached by strong magnetsso I removed alcohol 120 ipad so-called "clear glass" panel and just attached a black metal frame that just hides all of the perimeter magnets.

It feels and has the weight of a plastic panel. It is a very light panel, even with the thin metal frame glued to it! It is covered by a black border all the way around it to hide the thin metal framework behind it which is used for it to be attracted to the magnets on the face of the iMac to attached this clear panel to the front of the iMac. So, using any glaas cleaning products or any type of cleaning products NOT formulated for plastics, alcohol 120 ipad, WILL etch and scratch such plastics.

Jan 5, PM. My i-Mac, being a mid, It too has the front panel held on with magnets, although I've never had it off. I worked for one of the major PC manufacturers for almost 19 years, last 5 years in the PC group. IPA is one of the few solvents that are safe to use as cleaners and paint solvents on PC parts. I just tried a scratch test on the edge of my i-Mac It is definitely glass. I can't really speak to other models, other years production. I know some Macs over the years did use PC, among other polymers, in housings recall the colored transparent Macsbut in recent years Apple has tended to avoid the alcohol 120 ipad of plastics as much as possible re all the aluminum housings now used.

But I agree, yes, it is doubtless a good idea to follow Apple's recommendation for cleaning surfaces of it's devices. I neglected to mention earlier, alcohol 120 ipad, what I find to be the best screen cleaner is a very low concentration of a mild dish washing liquid like Dawn in water on a clean, soft fabric cloth followed by a wipe with another cloth damp with water.

I will get a little more aggressive with cleaning my hard-wired keyboard key caps, but that's another conversation. If it is glass, it is a very thin slab I can tell you. It is a very light weight glass panel even with the metal frame adhered to it! Since my iMac's have the LCD exposed, I use just a warm water microfiber cloth wrung out damp so it doesn't drip, alcohol 120 ipad.

I sometime use a little Dawn dish soap, as well, but only a very small amount and I try to wring out a good majority of the soap suds just to make sure I leave no soap residue of the LCD screen. I agree, it is very thin judging from what can be seen at the edge of the screen. I use the same type of solution to clean my glasses daily alcohol 120 ipad also have an anti-glare coating, alcohol 120 ipad. It works very well. More Less. Communities Contact Support.

Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: crssbns crssbns. What do you guys think? Could I have damaged this coating by cleaning with rubbing alcohol?


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Not finding what you're looking for? Save ipad gb to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. +. Jan 05,  · The paper towel wasn't wet enough to drip, but very close to it. My iMac had a very visible film of rubbing alcohol residue all over it after I finished wiping it down with the rubbing alcohol, which I cleaned up with a dry cloth. I used the rubbing alcohol straight out of the bottle onto the paper towel - . Apr 27,  · Alcohol % Crack keygen is the latest emulator software which is specially designed by Alcohol Soft for converting image files into the ISO format. With the help of this latest software, you can easily create a backup in Cd and DVDs. .