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Role-playing games, or RPGs, have come a long way since their humble tabletop beginnings. After making the leap to the PC and console, they've now found a home your phone or tablet.

The best of the mobile lot lets players live out fantasy epics, transport them into far future space operas, or tell intimate, character-driven narratives. And if this whets your appetite for more games, check out our collection of the top games for iOS as well as our favorite Android games.

This episodic mobile RPG captures the core story and charm while cutting down on the grind common to the genre. You can download the first episode for free, games for mobile phones, with subsequent chapters available as in-app purchases. A mobile port of the 3DS original, Stories shakes things up a bit by having you come from a village of Riders — people who can bond with the titanic monsters of the Monster Hunter universe. For something less intense than epic quests or titanic monster hunts, check out Stardew Valleythe hit indie farming RPG which has finally made the jump from PC to iOS.

Players inherit a rundown farm; with grit and hard work, can turn that family inheritance into the farm of their dreams.

You plant crops, bring in the harvest, and reinvest your profits into expanding the farm and bringing in livestock. The game is more than just farming, with a neighboring community to visit and befriend, fishing spots to enjoy, and caves full of monsters and resources to explore.

Through the fiery visions of the priestess Melisandre, you'll explore a tangle of alternate scenarios in Westeros, imagining how things might go down if characters like Jon Snow, games for mobile phones, Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister, or others had claimed and held the Iron Throne.

As in previous Reigns games, you'll need to balance between the needs of the games for mobile phones, the priests, the people, and the Night's Watch, swiping left or right to choose your path.

Each character you choose faces their own unique challenges, and as you play, you'll get the opportunity to unlock new leaders and scenarios to experience. Through cunning and diplomacy, you can also turn enemy demons to your side, as well as fuse games for mobile phones together to create ever mightier champions out of myth and legend to join your side.

Under your guidance, time-travelling heroes Kuro and Fina journey through the various genres and eras of video gaming history as they try to save the world. Melding a variety of genres and eras from top-down Zelda-likes to sidescrolling platformers, bullet hell shooters, and even rhythm battles and trading card games, Evoland 2 offers players both impressive variety and nostalgia.

Even better, this version turns out to be a lengthier game than its rather short original. Combining combo-based combat, exploration and light platforming, and an intricate plot, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth stands up well even to more modern games and is worth its premium price. Harry Games for mobile phones is nowhere to be seen in this RPG. Instead, you're the one exploring the halls of Hogwarts and its many mysteries.

From customizing your own avatar to choosing which Hogwarts house you belong too, games for mobile phones, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery AndroidiOS is all about creating your own adventure. Along the way, you'll learn spells, take on rivals, form alliances and compete for the House Cup, all while trying to solve the mystery of your brother's disappearance from the school for witchcraft and wizardry.

Hogwarts Mystery is free to play, with in-app purchases games for mobile phones refill energy for in-game actions and cosmetic items. Sasha is having a very bad day, emerging in a nightmarish underworld to find her family missing, her left arm a bloody stump, and a mysterious stranger offering her a strange, living sword. Featured among Apple's Best of apps, Severed has players guiding Sasha through her quest to rescue her family, exploring the netherworld and engaging in swipe-based combat as you cut past the monsters in your way and harvest their limbs to grant you supernatural powers.

Swipes are both attack and defense, parrying enemy attacks and leaving them open to your own strikes. The game spices things up by throwing multiple enemies games for mobile phones you from different directions, making threat management and smart use of special abilities key to surviving and rescuing your family.

You lead your fledgling clan council and decide the fate of your people as you balance the physical and spiritual needs of your clan and relations with your many neighbors. Along the way, you'll face magical and monstrous threats, games for mobile phones, as well as a looming war between the gods of Glorantha. As with the original King of Dragon Pass, the real gems in this game are the more than interactive scenes that present you with moral, diplomatic, military and religious dilemmas.

Your choices and outcomes are impacted by your clan's history, traits, and the skills of the leaders in your clan council. Players take command of heroes from the various races of the Warhammer world, plundering dungeons and defeating enemies in a quest for a mystic artifact.

The base game comes with a mission campaign and side quests, with additional missions and characters available through in-app purchases.

Taking inspiration from sci-fi classics like Star Trek and Babylon 5, you build up a crew of valiant officers and starships to explore nearby star systems.

Away missions and fleet battles let you gather resources, games for mobile phones, solve crises, and curry favor with various factions, as you amass the strength you need to face the alien mothership. The game features a wealth of hero classes to try out, and while the dungeon crawl can get grindy, its atmospherics are pitch-perfect in replicating a gothic horror feel. Go on a quest to rescue your catnapped sister from the hands of the evil Games for mobile phones and his dragon minions.

At the same time, you'll explore the world, doing good deeds for your fellow cats while fighting monsters. The real-time combat system is all about timing and positioning, games for mobile phones, as games for mobile phones tap on vulnerable foes to strike, long press to bring up your magic spells, and dance away as enemies charge up their attack, making for digestible but dynamic gameplay. There's a fair amount of open world area to explore, while still providing fun that can be enjoyed in short bursts or long sittings.

Fair warning: there are puns. So many cat puns. This time around, the app takes aim at science fiction games, books and movies in a loving parody of SF tabletop gaming. Overthrow a tyrannical magical order in Rogue Wizardsa cartoony turn-based dungeon crawler that has you exploring monster-filled depths and coming out with loads of loot and gear for your merry band of magical rebels. The game combines the addictive game loop of dungeon delve and gear upgrading with a touchscreen friendly turn-based combat system that doesn't sacrifice tactical depth, games for mobile phones.

In between dungeon crawls, you can kit out your wizard's tower and upgrade your town or recruit new members for your team. Players get the entire game free, with in-app purchases or video ads allowing you to buy gems which you can also earn via play ; a single "2x Gem Booster" purchase gives players the same games for mobile phones rate and game balance as the premium PC version.

Players explore the extra-dimensional melting pot that is Sigil, the City of Doors, as they quest to unlock their nameless character's lost memories and answer the question: "What can change the nature of a man? The enhanced edition leaves the critically acclaimed story and dialogue untouched, while adapting the interface to a more mobile-friendly mode, as well as applying a variety of bug fixes. Demon's Rise 2: Lords of Chaos delivers fantastically crunchy combat encounters as you lead the vanguard of the Demon Prince Morkarn's army to crush the forces of Baron Aedin the Proud, games for mobile phones.

The battles are fun and well-designed, and a cover and morale system add extra dimensions to gameplay as you move to exploit the battlefield and break the will of your enemies.

Multiple difficulty levels, side missions and a wealth of character options add to the replay value of Demon's Rise 2, making it well worth a go for fans of tactical RPGs. Titan Quest takes the formula pioneered by Diablo and ports it over to the ancient world as you fight your way through monsters out of Greek, Egyptian and Asian mythology. A premium desktop game with controls reworked for mobile, Titan Quest avoids miserly monetization strategies in exchange for a plus hour campaign without in-app powerup purchases.

You're tasked with collecting and training the dozens of Mortys scattered across the show's multiverse, including Mustache Morty, Wizard Morty and Cronenberg Morty.

Games for mobile phones Hearts Union X[Cross] AndroidiOS is a touch-friendly take on the beloved franchise, offering gorgeously cartoonish visuals and simple, swipe-to-attack gameplay. This prequel to the main series features plenty of familiar faces, from Mickey and Goofy to Sora and Cloud, and you can customize your avatar with tons of cool Disney and Final Fantasy-themed gear. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Androidgames for mobile phones, iPhoneiPad offers the classic turn-based fantasy game to a new generation of mobile gamers.

Combining RPG and strategy-game elements, Tactics brings players to the war-torn land of Ivalice as the young knights Ramza and Delita, caught up in a brewing civil war. Featuring a revised English translation and a deep, well-written plot that feels like Game of Thrones by way of animeWar of the Lions is an engaging and challenging strategy RPG.

Stoic Studios' Viking-inspired epic continues in The Banner Saga 2 AndroidiOSwhich takes the original's turn-based tactical combat and gorgeous art design and dials it up a notch.

Players take control of the giant Iver and a caravan of human and varl survivors fleeing an invading horde of the stony Dredge, along the way becoming a symbol of hope for the broken world. As the characters flee to safety, the game introduces a gritty parallel narrative with the berserker Bolverk and his mercenary Ravens who carve a path of blood and fire in their struggle for survival.

The game spices up combat with a variety of new allies and foes, each introducing new mechanics and special abilities to mix up the original's tight, if occasionally repetitive combat. The game features an intricate storyline and branching dialogue, allowing players to choose between the Light and Dark paths in their battle against the vicious Darth Malak.

Featuring frenetic touchscreen combat, an awesome soundtrack and a unique visual style, The World Ends With You Solo Remix is a first-rate gaming experience, with a correspondingly hefty price.

Tom's Guide. Games for mobile phones Wizards iOS: Free Overthrow a tyrannical magical order in Rogue Wizardsa cartoony turn-based dungeon crawler that has you exploring monster-filled depths and coming out with loads of loot and gear for your merry band of magical rebels, games for mobile phones.


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The Big Thaw [v ] The main plot is that Fry must be defrosted and Leela (Futurama) could assign his fate. The problem is that there's a world wide crisis and Fry was defrosted early. Play the best mobile games online on your smartphone, tablet or mobile phone. Play free online mobile games on your tablet, phone, or desktop. No downloads or plug-ins needed to play!