Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Clear Cache and Delete Internet Browsing History


samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history

How do I clear the cache, history, or cookies on the internet browser on Galaxy device? The below steps will show you how to clear the cache, cookies, and history of your device's Internet browser. Note that if you will need to follow different steps to clear the cache on your whole device. Samsung Galaxy J3 - How to clear browser history, cache and cookies - If you have been browsing websites that you would prefer other people to not know about, then it’s relatively simply to clear your browsing . How to Delete Browsing History? From the same source, the following are the simple steps to delete browsing history: Tap on the Internet icon on the Samsung Galaxy SIII Home screen or you can do this through Apps then tap on the Internet. The browser will open up. Go to menu by tapping on soft button located in the lower left corner.

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Thank you. I've been wondering how to do those and this is my very first smart phone so I'm still learning how to maneuver my way around this thing. Hi Tara, You and I are the same, we are still learning about it and all the things in life. But, with share knowledge with each other, we will be able to improve our ability and knowledge too.

I hope all articles on this blog can give a little help to you to explore your beloved Samsung Galaxy S3. So, thanks for the visit and comment. Happy reading :. I did that but when I open google I automatically see my last 3 searches. Hi There, I'm so sorry if the methods i mentioned above can't help you. You may want to try certain free third-party app available on Play Store to help you clear your cache and history, such as Easy Cache Cleaner or Easy History Cleaner or else. Hope it help :.

Hi Buddy, Thanks for coming. Yes, you're right. Hi There, Thanks for coming and leave your comment here. I'm so happy found that this articles can help and useful you :. I am trying to clear the cache on all apps but none of them allow it because the clear cache button is kind of blacked out. What do I do now? Hi Shawna, What apps you want to clear its cache? Just look at how many MB cache on the apps is displayed on your samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history. If there is 0.

Hope it helps :. How do I know which browser I have on my galaxy s3? Q2 Can I change it to, say, Firefox or some other browser? It seems like this device has a google operating system. It gathers information and sells it to advertisers. Is there any way I can get rid of google's involvement? Similarly for browser history and cookies - on my laptop I have firefox set to always clear everything - can I do it here? Also on my laptop I downloaded Abine's very useful Do Not Track, but their program is not compatible with mobiles.

Would you know of any alternative? Thank you very kindly. Hi mnbvxz, Thanks for write me a good questions. Here you will see all apps installed on your phone.

Find and see the browser you have here. If you only see Internet on this list means you only have the stock browser. A2: You can install whatever browser you like to your phone, such as Firefox for Android or Chrome or Dolphin, etc.

Then you can set the default browser you want to use on your phone. A3: For example if you use Firefox for Android, you can simply activate "Tell sites not to track me" option.

Enabling this option will tell every site you visit to not to track your browsing behavior. A4: Till now I can't find this option for mobile version.

But, you can find so many auto clear cache apps on Play Store which will allow you to set auto clear cache on interval you like. A5: Look the answer on A4. A6: You can use my answer on A3 for this question. Finally, hope anybody here will share their knowledge and experience which will help you to find the best answer for your question. And I'm sorry if you find these answers not satisfying you. However, thanks for the visit.

Can you delete just certain samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history items that you don't want anymore. Or do you have to delete all? Hi ferne harasimiw, Thanks for coming here. The steps I've samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history above will delete all cache and internet browsing history. If you want to delete certain bookmarks then you can use Samsung Kies or another file manager app, such as ES File Manager.

Both of them will give you option to delete any bookmark you want. Hope this helps :. Hi Mark Daniel, Thanks for the visit and comment. I thinks it's okay. Clearing the cache from time to time will help you to free up the storage and speed up your phone. Hi Mark Daniel, I'm so glad to see you visit back here and hearing that you can find something useful from this site.

Enjoy reading and have a nice day :. Hey i have a little problem my updated s suggest widget i did not notice it but when i look up it turned it on the original form and maybe i think that happening is only occur when i clear my cache for that app Hi Mark Daniel, Glad to see you again.

I think what you mean is clear data, not clear cache. CMIIW, if you clear data on certain apps, then any data stored in that app will lost settings, login information, and saved games. Also I don't understand what you mean about "original form", is it default settings as the settings at the first time you use this apps? Hi Mark Daniel, I really have no idea to answer your comment, samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history.

I hope you don't regret was visiting my blog and found all of my answers was not helped you. And as a note, I samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history published your reply only one because I think the rest are have the similar meaning, samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history. I'm so sorry for that. Hi Mark Daniel, I'm not already the lucky one who have this such as great smartphone as my device still try to get this phone.

Till now, I still use my oldest SE Ki :D From what I've read on many forums, there are so many users experienced this problem, but none of them were reported that they can fix it.

In XDA developer forum, somebody said according to Supercurio that this is a software issue and will be fixed with their upcoming 'Display Expert' app. Hi Mark Daniel, I always glad to see you again on my site. They said it samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history an app, but I don't know exactly whether it will be an app or an update.

Yes, samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history, you right, this problem was experienced by so many S3 users out there, but not all of them. On XDA forum, there is a user who report that she doesn't experienced this problem with her Galaxy S3.

Hi Mark Daniel, samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history, Thanks a lot to always visiting my blog, samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history. Have a nice day and may God always bless you :. Hi Daniel, Glad to see you again. Also I'm so sorry for late answer. Hi Mark Daniel, Thanks for the praise I consider it as an encouragement to be better than before. You know, I also found the same on you.

Thanks again :. Hi Matrix K. I'm more than happy to know that you can find something useful here. Hi Josh Zaucha, Thanks for coming here. Try to disable mobile data on your phone. The menu on your phone may slightly different with the S3, but in general it has the same. So, let me know if it works for your stratosphere. Any one can guide me what to do?? Hi Manahil Hameed, Thanks for coming.

If you have an extended SD card inserted on samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history phone, then you may have to try to install samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history to your SD card. I found a useful link that explain clearly steps by steps to do this. And please tell me how i should manage my phone in order to avoid future problems and how i can upgrade my phone with jelly bean last Question is how a call can be recorded on samsung a phone call n also a skype or nimbuzz viber call thanks.

Here's a short answer for your questions, samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history. There is no exact things to do to avoid future problem on the phone due to each electronic component has their own life time so sooner or later you will encountered problem on your phone, but a good using and maintenance will make the life time more longer. Hi Malik Yasir, Thanks for coming. Also I'm so sorry removing your comment because the link you've inserted is broken. Later, if you submit the comment and inserted the correct link and has relevancy with this blog then I'll be more than happy to publish it :.

Hi my boyfriend needs to know how to get his phone to ask him what browser he wants to use. Basically when he clicks on a link it usually says which browser would you like to use then it asks if you want to use this browser once or always and he accidentally clicked always and now it doesn't ask him which he would prefer to use.

Do you know how to change this thanks.


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samsung galaxy s3 clear browser history


Samsung Galaxy J3 - How to clear browser history, cache and cookies - If you have been browsing websites that you would prefer other people to not know about, then it’s relatively simply to clear your browsing . Clear Chrome History on Samsung Galaxy S3. First, open an internet page on your Google Chrome browser. At the top right of your Samsung Galaxy S3, click on “Menu” which is characterized by three vertical points. A window will open and you will see a list of available parameters. Go to the “Advanced” section and click on “Confidentiality”. Clear Firefox history on your Samsung Galaxy S3. In the event you utilize the Firefox browser on your Samsung Galaxy S3, the procedure to clear the history is nearly similar. To get this done, you need to launch the browser and display the menu by hitting on the top right of the page.